The .aether directory is where all assets for The Aether II mod are stored. The file structure is below:

  • assets folder
  • launcher-natives folder
  • libraries folder
  • profiles folder
    • 1.7.10-1.4 folder
      • config folder - where the mod configuration files are
      • logs folder - where the log files are stored
      • mod-config - at the moment, this file only contains "menu.dat". Unable to be opened with NBTExplorer.
      • mods folder
        • aether.jar - the main Java executable itself
        • gilded-games-util.jar - the Java executable that stores the spawning system of mobs such as Zephyrs.
      • saves folder
        • TBA
      • options.txt - the options text file
  • versions - TBA
  • launcher.jar - the launcher Java executable.
  • - stores launcher assets for OS X and Windows. Unknown for Linux.
  • launcher-version.txt - unknown. As of 1.7.10-1.4, this file reads "11".
  • profile.json - stores login credentials
  • settings.json - the settings file for the Aether Launcher

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