Aerwhale by y the adaptor-d5ei0ph
Health 20 (120px-Heart.svg × 10)
Spawn In the air
Drops Aerwhale Music Disc

“Aerwhales; the gentle giants of the Aether.”

Aerwhales are peaceful, whale-like creatures. They will simply drift away if hit. These gentle creatures drift through the skies, forever swimming through paradise.

Aerwhales are very prone to getting stuck against mountainsides and silver dungeons. If this happens, you can hit them and they will spin rapidly in circles. Eventually they will get unstuck and take to the sky again. Sometimes, though, they will still be spinning. Luckily, once they get floating again, their rotation will slow, they will regain balance, and they will soar once more. They are also immune to fire and also have a rare chance to drop the Aerwhale Music Disc.

2011-07-23 22.53.15

An Aerwhale.

In Aether II, the spawn rate for them have been reduced to a point that people might wonder if it is even implemented. It is, however, implemented in the game.

Known bugs

  • Aerwhales will sometimes seem to randomly lose their textures. The cause is currently unknown.
  • Though the Gravitite sword can't hurt an Aerwhale sometimes it can fling the airwhale into the sky like it does to other mobs.
  • If hit by a poisoned dart, they gain the poison animation (Bleeding) and move erratically.
  • They sometimes tend to get stuck in walls because, for some reason, they are attracted to walls.
  • Sometimes a sound similar to a whale can be heard on Peaceful, even though Aerwhales despawn instantly in Peaceful. This is most probably due to the Aerwhale spawning, then making the game play the sound before it despawns.
  • in some versions, aerwhales will not despawn until the aerwhales get killed, or the player exits the aether

The Aerwhale's size compared to the player


The new aerwhale and aerwhale baby texture.



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