Burrukai edited2
Health 10 (120px-Heart.svg120px-Heart.svg120px-Heart.svg120px-Heart.svg120px-Heart.svg)
Spawn Opaque blocks with enough space above them
Drops Burrukai Ribs (Cooked Ribs when killed while on fire) and Burrukai Pelt.

Burrukai are the replacements for "Flying Cows." They behave similarly to Flying Cows. However, they cannot fly and do not have wings. Burrakai drop "Burrukai Ribs" and "Burrukai Pelt."


  • They were added in 1.10.
  • A similar mob called the "Thunderlo," was planned to be added, but were removed.



A picture of a Thunderlo, a mob which was planned to be added.

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