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16 HP

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Spawn=Spawns at night time

0-999 feathers. rarely drops golden amber and ambrosium.

“When the sun falls, Cockatrices crawl away from their well-hidden nests, ready to attack!”

Cockatrices are common bird-like creatures found in the Aether. Due to their appearance, they can easily be mistaken for colorful Moa, with the main difference being they will attack the player on sight. They are also noteably shorter than Moas. They are aggressive mobs, and are capable of gliding.

In real-life mythology, the Cockatrice is a bipedal two-legged, two-winged lizard with a rooster's head. It was supposedly born from a chicken egg that was incubated by a snake or other lizard.


Cockatrices will walk around a bit until they see the player, at which point they will aggressively fire poison darts.


The darts a cockatrice fires do minimal damage, but the real danger is the poison, which does a steady one damage every two seconds and causes the player to lose some control over their movement, which can send them plummeting off of a cliff. Because of this, it is recommended to use ranged weapons or consume a bucket of remedy before engaging them in combat. It is also a bad idea to battle them near a cliff or island edge unless you have taken remedy beforehand. It is strongly recommended to get a Skyroot Cure Bucket, White Apple, or (maybe) both to keep from dying to Poison Damage.

The Aether II: Genesis of the Void

Cockatrices reappear in The Aether II: Genesis of the Void, with a few minor differences. Most notably, they now inflict Vanilla effects (Nausea and Poison) onto the player, and they have a slightly modified texture. They also glow during the night, allowing players to differentiate Cockatrices from Moa more easily. They now also do not make you lose control over your character. Cockatrices also appear regularly in Dungeons, but this might be a bug.

It is near impossible to die from Cockatrices as their darts do not deal any damage but only inflict Poison and Nausea. Vanilla poison by default does not reduce your health below 1, so unless there is any way of taking damage nearby (hostile mobs or cliffs) you cannot die from Cockatrices.

In the future, the cockatrice's model will be changed as well as some other things.


  • If the top of a Cockatrice's head is in a block (especially with leaves), it will be unable to shoot you.
  • Cockatrices may spawn inside dungeons, such as Slider's Labyrinth, as shown in the picture below.
  • Cockatrices look like they are attempting to fly, but they cannot.


  • Cockatrices spawn in large amounts.
  • Cockatrices have been reported to spawn inside houses with insufficient lighting.
  • Using the /ride command from the Single Player Commands mod enables riding and controlling Cockatrices. However, they will attack after dismounting.
  • Cockatrices are based on a mythological creature that is hatched from a chicken egg laid on a full moon by a 7-year old hen, and incubated for 6 years by snakes or toads. They fire poisonous quills from their tail, their gaze can petrify, and their breath is deadly. Coincidentally, both Cockatrices and Moa are based on creatures from the past, whether extinct or myth.

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