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Dart Shooter
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Grid Dart Shooter
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Grid Dart Shooter
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Dart Shooters are the primary long range weapons in The Aether, and are used to shoot powerful Darts that are not affected by gravity. The Golden Dart Shooter is crafted in Aether 2 by using one Golden Amber and two blocks of Skyroot Planks. The Poison Dart Shooter is crafted by adding an Aechor Petal, the Enchanted Dart Shooter is made by enchanting a Dart Shooter on an Altar, and the Phoenix Dart shooter can be found in dungeon chests. The Enchanted Dart Shooter shoots darts more accurately than the normal Dart Shooter. The Dart Shooter has no durability and can be shot without any delay between shots.

In Aether I, the Dart Shooter is crafted with two Skyroot Planks with a Zanite Gemstone

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Dart Shooters in-game


Grid layout Plus (small)
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Crafting RecipesEdit

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Using the Dart Shooter.

  • The Cockatrice shoots Poison Darts
  • Dart Shooters can be found in dungeons.
  • The Phoenix Dart Shooter is uncraftable and only found in dungeons.

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