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Dungeons.dat Edit

The Dungeons.dat file is an NBT file placed inside the world save folder. The structure is as follows, according to NBTExplorer:

  • tagList - the root tag
    • A dungeon
      • conquered - whether or not the dungeon has been conquered. 0 if not conquered, 1 if conquered.
      • dungeonId - the ID number of the dungeon. Usually, this will match the amount of dungeons you have visited (e.g, if the ID is 6, then the number of dungeons visited was 6)
      • keys - presumably the amount of keys collected. Negative values have been observed
      • boundingBox - unknown.
      • entrance - the size of the entrance, in bytes.
      • outsideEntrance - the size of the entrance outside the dungeon, in bytes

Known Bugs [Pre-Summer Hotfix]Edit

  • Sometimes when a dungeon is entered, the player won't actually be placed in the dungeon, and may sometimes be frozen at 0, 0, 0 until they log out, which will teleport them to the Overworld at 0, 0, 0.
  • Some chests occasionally contain glitched versions of normal Aether items, which a player can right-click their inventory with to produce more items.
  • Occasionally, a dungeon's boss door will require -1 keys, which means an infinite number.
  • Dungeon bosses do not respawn after a dungeon is finished by one particular party, meaning that others can't reach the boss on their own runs.
  • If a player uses the Hammer of Notch to defeat a boss, the key from it is not obtained, making the Slider impossible to reach legitimately.
  • Most the time, items from Dungeons cannot be shift-clicked into the inventory of a player, if that is the case, they will disappear when right-clicked, and cannot be used otherwise.
  • In Multiplayer when entering Dungeons with a party, it may not teleport you into the dungeons but give you the GUI.

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