This page is a candidate for deletion as it is not part of the Aether mod and is either an item from another mod or a non existant item.

This is needed to go to the Aether Realm. It emits full-strength light ( level 15), and looks like a yellow glowing cobblestone. It can not naturally be found in the Aether, apart from the generated aether portal. It can melt ice and snow. It is commonly found in the nether in coral-like formations hanging from the ceiling. This makes it pretty hard to gather. It can also be harvested: the portal generates with 8 extra glowstone blocks; four in the corners and 4 as standing platforms at the bottom of both sides of the portal. It is crafted with 4 glowstone dust. Destroying yields only 2-4 dust, so it is not good for compact storage of glowstone dust.



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