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Gravitite Armor

Gravitite Armor

Gravitite Armor is the most powerful craftable armor in the Aether. It is extremely strong and gives you the ability to jump higher than normal. Wearing this armor set completely removes fall damage. Gravitite Armor is crafted with Enchanted Gravitite.

As of Aether II Alpha version, Gravitite Armor only causes you to jump higher if you sneak before jumping. A player can sneak-jump in midair even after jumping, therefore allowing double-jump in the game.

  • Gravitite Helmet gives  1 Chest Half Chest  protection (Durability: 363 Hits).
  • Gravitite Chestplate gives  1 Chest 1 Chest 1 Chest 1 Chest  protection (Durability: 528 Hits).
  • Gravitite Leggings give  1 Chest 1 Chest 1 Chest  protection (Durability: 495 Hits).
  • Gravitite Boots give 1 Chest Half Chest  protection (Durability: 429 Hits).
  • Gravitite Gloves give  1 Chest Half Chest protection (Durability: Unlimited).

This is the same amount of protection provided by Diamond Armor.


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