Food, edible things. One of the most essential things in Minecraft. One will obviously go hungry, eventually. This is intended to help anyone looking at early game and long-term options, including easily ready food (no crafting!) and recipes for later when they reach mid-game or start to run dungeons.

This guide makes the assumption that one does not have a Candy Ring available, so it's great if it's found (no more hunger to worry about!) but it's dungeon loot and has slightly limited utility, as there are other useful rings that vy for it's slot. Other good rare things are the Skyroot Ring (doubled mob drops) and the Bone Ring (+3 melee damage).

Starting Out

Options for what's viable and easy to get from the start would be:

Blue Berries & Oranges

Blue Berries and Oranges are easily obtained in bulk, and require no extra crafting or enchanting to get use out of them. However, Blue Berries and Oranges have a strange comparison with long-term food options. Enchanted Berries could technically be better in some aspects, but building a long-term reserve requires a lot of Ambrosium Shards, which is not renewable.

You can increase Ambrosium Shard drops from Ambrosium Ore blocks using Skyroot Tools and repairing them using Altars (which...requires ambrosium) but that's just a short-term shortcut without serious consideration for long-term survival.

Icestone Poprocks

Crafting GUI

Grid Sugar

Grid Icestone

Grid Icestone Poprocks


Another option would be Icestone Poprocks, with a bit more work in exchange for increased cost/hunger ratio returns.

Icestone is somewhat uncommon but one can start up a Sugar Cane farm while they prepare for the Aether while in the Overworld, netting an easy source of Sugar. Swets also drop Sugar but may be uncommon due to spawn RNG.

Icestone gives three Icestone Poprocks per block, and each consumed one restores three hunger drums, allowing for restoration of nearly the entire hunger bar just from one Icestone block.

Let's Get Advanced

Moving onto advanced options for long-term/late-game hunger needs. What's available are some mostly easy options:

Gummy Swets

Crafting GUI

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Sugar

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Blue Gummy Swet

Gummy Swets restore full hunger like Stomper Pops, but are far more viable to produce in excess. Swets drop both Sugar and Swet Jelly, giving one everything they need to craft Gummy Swets. Even a couple of Swets can net one as much five Sugar or Jellies.

The hunger/cost ratio for Gummy Swets is incredibly high, even to the point of possibly being a waste. They restore full hunger, are crafted using only two ingredients, and Swets drop absolutely everything needed to make them.

Blueberry Lollipops

Crafting GUI

Grid Sugar

Grid Blue Berry

Grid Skyroot Stick

Grid Blueberry Lollipop

Blue Berries are easily obtainable in bulk by the time you reach a point of having a settlement and Holystone Tools, and both Sugar Cane and Skyroot Log farms for respectively Sugar and Skyroot Sticks are easily preparable in large supply by then. Turning Blue Berries into Lollipops gives a very large hunger/cost ratio return, netting an extra four hunger drums for just two extra easily obtained ingredients.

Oranges are objectively better early-game food on their own, but Orange Lollipops actually restore less hunger than their Blue Berry counterparts and Blue Berries are substantially easier to obtain in bulk than oranges. However, oranges are used to craft Jelly Pumpkins (covered later), which restore the most non-full hunger in the mod, tied with Wrapped Chocolates and Cocoatrices.


Crafting GUI

Grid Sugar

Grid Skyroot Milk Bucket

Grid Cocoabeans

Grid Cocoatrice

Cocoatrices, like Jelly Pumpkins, require a bit more setup to make in bulk but restore the most non-full hunger in the entire mod, tied with two other items. They can also be obtained from hostile-mob dropped Presents.

Having a Sugar Cane farm is already covered above, as Cocoatrices utilize Sugar to craft. Skyroot Buckets are required for milk along with Cocoa Beans, so for mass producing Cocoatrices, create a corral or pen with at least two Flying Cows, and use Oranges to breed them. Then you can use Skyroot Buckets with them to get milk.

Obtaining Cocoa Beans is a bit more complicated but at least not overly so. It requires finding a Jungle biome in the Overworld, but 3-4 Cocoa Beans is enough to get a barebones quantity to farm them. 7-8 or even maybe 12 or more may be better, though, but four probably may be enough as nearly mature Cocoa Bean pods (80% mature) give +150% return and extremely large farms are impractical given the growth speed and overall averaged yield.


Two ideas for Cocoa Bean farms

To the side are two viable farm designs for farming Cocoa Beans, but see this guide for further information and strategies on how to farm them efficiently.

Jelly Pumpkins

Crafting GUI

Grid Blue Swet Jelly

Grid Sugar

Grid Orange

Grid Jelly Pumpkin

Having a ready-made orange farm (by the time one reaches the consideration to craft them or Cocoatrices or Blueberry Lollipops, they probably already have one going) can easily net one of the requirements to craft Jelly Pumpkins.

Secondly, Overworld Sugar Cane farms, which are easily set up by the time you gather materials for an Aether Portal. The last needed things would be Swet Jelly, which is dropped by killed Swets. Swets are uncommon, though, but drop the Jelly in moderate abundance along with Sugar too, giving you an alternate source for it.

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