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This is a page for items that are not Tools, Weapons, Armors, Accessories, Ores or Foods. Some of those are needed for various crafting recipes.

Crafting Edit

Grid Skyroot Stick
Skyroot Stick
Grid Ambrosium Shard
Ambrosium Shard
Grid Aechor Petal
Aechor Petals

Useables Edit

Display Swetty Ball
Swetty Ball
Grid Shard of Life
Shard of Life

Miscellaneous Edit

Grid Aether Music Disk
Aether Music Disk
Grid Moa Music Disk
Moa Music Disk
Grid Valkyrie Music Disk
Valkyrie Music Disk
Grid Labyrinth Music Disk
Labyrinth Music Disk
Grid Green Skyroot Sapling
Green Skyroot Sapling
Grid Blue Skyroot Sapling
Blue Skyroot Sapling
Grid Purple Skyroot Sapling
Purple Skyroot Sapling
Grid Dark Blue Skyroot Sapling
Dark Blue Skyroot Sapling

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