Loot is specialized obtainment of items, often attributed to be through certain methods, whether searching through naturally generated chests or killing mobs.



Chance Stack Size
Grid Cornstarch Cornstarch Bowl 8.65% 1
Grid Ambrosium Torch Ambrosium Torch 8.65% 2-8
Grid Wheat Wheat 8.65% 1-12
Grid Cocoabeans Cocoa Beans 8.65% 1-6
Grid Skyroot Stick Skyroot Stick 8.65% 1-12
Grid Skyroot Plank Skyroot Plank 8.65% 1-10
Grid Ambrosium Shard Ambrosium Shard 8.07% 1-12
Grid Cookie Cookie 6.92% 1-8
Grid Blue Berry Blue Berry 6.92% 1-8
Grid Carved Stone Carved Stone 5.76% 1-20
Grid Sentry Stone Sentry Stone 5.76% 1-20
Grid Orange Orange 4.61% 1-8
Grid Raw Porkchop Raw Porkchop 3.46% 1-6
Grid Blue Gummy Swet Gummy Swet 2.31% 1-4
Grid Zanite Gemstone Zanite Gemstone 1.73% 1-3
Grid Baby Pink Swet Baby Pink Swet 0.58% 1
Grid Kraisith Capsule Kraisith Capsule 0.58% 1
Grid Fangrin Capsule Fangrin Capsule 0.58% 1
Grid Recording 892 Recording 892 0.29% 1
Grid Continuum Orb Continuum Orb 0.29% 1
Grid Continuum Bomb Continuum Bomb 0.29% 1


Item Source Notes
Grid String
Grid Wyndberry
Carrion Sprout
Grid Leather
Raw Beef
Grid Raw Beef
Flying Cow
Moa Egg
Grid Blue Moa Egg
Grid Feather
Moas or Cockatrices must be killed to obtain feathers
Raw Porkchop
Grid Raw Porkchop
Grid Wool
Sheepuff Sheepuff can be sheared with Shears to obtain Wool without killing them
Swet Jelly
Grid Blue Swet Jelly
Grid Sugar
Aechor Petal
Grid Aechor Petal
Skyroot Poison Bucket
Grid Skyroot Poison Bucket
Aechor Plant Use a bucket on an Aechor Plant to obtain Poison Buckets
Carved Stone
Grid Carved Stone
Battle Sentry
Skyroot Chest
Grid Skyroot Chest



Chance Stack Size
Grid holy sword Holy Sword 5.66% 1
Grid Lightning Knife Lightning Knife 5.28% 16
Grid Iron Bubble Iron Bubble 4.91% 1
Grid Pig Slayer Pig Slayer 4.15% 1
Grid Flaming Sword Flaming Sword 4.15% 1
Grid Neptune Gloves Neptune Gloves 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Boots Neptune Boots 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Helmet Neptune Helmet 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Leggings Neptune Leggings 3.77% 1
Grid Neptune Chestplate Neptune Chestplate 3.77% 1
Grid Skyroot Ring Skyroot Ring 3.77% 1
Grid Bone Ring Bone Ring 3.77% 1
Grid Soaring Stone Soaring Stone 3.40% 1
Grid Daggerfrost Locket Daggerfrost Locket 3.40% 1
Grid Sentry Boots Sentry Boots 3.40% 1
Grid Hammer of Notch Hammer of Notch 3.02% 1
Grid Lightning Sword Lightning Sword 3.02% 1
Grid Fleeting Stone Fleeting Stone 2.26% 1
Grid Lucky Bell Lucky Bell 2.26% 1
Grid Frostbound Stone Frostbound Stone 2.26% 1
Grid Frostpine Totem Frostpine Totem 2.26% 1
Grid Phoenix Gloves Phoenix Gloves 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Helmet Phoenix Helmet 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Boots Phoenix Boots 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Leggings Phoenix Leggings 1.89% 1
Grid Phoenix Chestplate Phoenix Chestplate 1.89% 1
Grid Ethereal Stone Ethereal Stone 1.51% 1
Grid Candy Ring Candy Ring 1.51% 1
Grid Death Seal Death Seal 1.13% 1
Grid Shard of Life Shard of Life 1.13% 1
Grid Regeneration Stone Regeneration Stone 1.13% 1
Grid Vampire Blade Vampire Blade 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Gloves Valkyrie Gloves 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Boots Valkyrie Boots 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Helmet Valkyrie Helmet 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Leggings Valkyrie Leggings 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Chestplate Valkyrie Chestplate 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Axe Valkyrie Axe 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Shovel Valkyrie Shovel 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Pickaxe Valkyrie Pickaxe 0.75% 1
Grid Valkyrie Lance Valkyrie Lance 0.75% 1
Grid Ear Caps Mouse Ear Cap 0.38% 1
Grid Orb of Arkenzus Orb of Arkenzus 0.38% 1


The Aether

Aether II

  • Initial release: Introduced
    • Moas no longer lay eggs while mounted.
    • Moas now lay eggs at a very decreased rate.
  • Balance changes to Slider's Labyrinth loot tables
    • Loot drops balanced in Slider's Labyrinth chests
    • Swets now drop both Swet Jelly and Sugar
  • 1.7.10-1.1: Swets no longer drop the incorrect jelly color
  • 1.7.10-1.5:
    • Sliders now drops a maximum of 16 lightning knives in one stack
    • Fixed an issue where Aechor Plant poison couldn't be harvested
  • 1.7.10-1.6: Chest loot table tweaked again

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