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Neptune Armor

Full set of Neptune Armor

"Found in dungeons. Wear it on your head/chest/legs/feet/hands. Great protection. Full set speeds up water movement." - Book of Lore Vol. 3

Aether I

Neptune Armor is a high-tier armor and can occasionally be found inside of Silver Dungeons. The player's movement speed in water is increased when wearing a full set of Neptune Armor. It is one of the highly wanted armor in the game, as it is useful for water battles. It also gives the wearer the ability to use tools underwater with normal land speed, as well as make high jumps out of the water while swimming.

  • Neptune Helmet gives 1 ChestHalf Chest protection (Durability: 363 Hits).
  • Neptune Chestplate gives 1 Chest1 Chest1 Chest1 Chest protection (Durability: 528 Hits).
  • Neptune Leggings give 1 Chest1 Chest1 Chest protection (Durability: 495 Hits).
  • Neptune Boots give 1 ChestHalf Chest protection (Durability: 429 Hits).
  • Neptune Gloves give 1 ChestHalf Chest protection (Durability: Unlimited).

Aether II

As of Aether II, Neptune armor pieces now have different, more sophisticated texture, and is only obtainable as Slider drops in the The Slider's Labyrinth.


  • The Neptune Armor is named after Neptune - the Roman God of the sea. He also known as Poseidon, Greek God of the sea
  • Using this with Iron Bubble will allow you to stay underwater forever and also give you extra speed. This is best for building underwater, or getting blocks that only appear deep underwater.

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