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Obsidian Armor

Full set of Obsidian Armor

Obsidian Armor is one of the highest tier sets of armor and can occasionally be found inside of dungeons. When the player has Phoenix Armor equipped and walks into a pool of water (no matter the size) or is hit by rain, the Phoenix Armor is turned into Obsidian Armor.

Obsidian Armor has massive damage resistance and is 33.3% stronger than its Overworld counterpart, Diamond Armor. Equipping a full set of Obsidian Armor will give the player Resistance IV and Slowness II.  Equipping the full set will also grant you knockback resistance. You will not be knocked back when a Skeleton shoots you or when a Zombie hits you but however you will still be knocked back a little when a Creeper explodes in your face.

Obsidian Armor might seem a little overpowered, however it lacks the fire immunity of the Phoenix Armor it came from. Due to the Slowness II you get when you have the full set on, it makes you even more vulnerable towards enemies fighting with you using fire-based attacks. This all, however, can be countered with a potion of fire resistance.

Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to craft Obsidian Armor via Obsidian.

  • Obsidian Helmet gives 1 ChestHalf Chest protection (Durability: 363 Hits).
  • Obsidian Chestplate gives 1 Chest1 Chest1 Chest1 Chest protection (Durability: 528 Hits).
  • Obsidian Leggings give 1 Chest1 Chest1 Chest protection (Durability: 495 Hits).
  • Obsidian Boots give 1 ChestHalf Chest protection (Durability: 429 Hits).
  • Obsidian Gloves give 1 ChestHalf Chest protection (Durability: Unlimited).

As of Aether II Phoenix Armor can be obtained via drop by the Slider boss

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