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The Slider
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The Slider mid-boss fight

Mob Type

Boss Mob, Flying Mob


Bronze Dungeons, Slider's Labyrinth



The Slider is a boss mob found at the end of Bronze Dungeons and the Slider's Labyrinth. It is protected by many Sentries. When you first arrive, it will be stationary in the middle of the room. To engage it in a fight, hit it with any pickaxe. Any blocks in the Slider's path will be destroyed. Once he has roughly 1/3 health remaining, he will move much faster, and his eyes will turn red. There is also an easter egg in the texture file for the Slider's door that says "Door is Life, Door is Love" with a picture of what looks like a mudkip.


Slider Strategy

A strategy on how to avoid the Slider's attacks.

The best strategy to attack them without losing any health is to stay at the 4x4 grid in the middle of the room.

If the slider goes down (yellow arrow), you go up (yellow arrow).

The same goes for the red. With this method, you can continuously hit the slider without getting hit.

It is possible to go to a corner and rapidly hit him with a pickaxe. Although this requires a lot of food and good armor, it will kill the Slider in a relatively short amount of time.

If the Slider falls with Sentries under it, it will also crush the Sentries.

It is a great benefit to wear an Agility Cape while battling the Slider; it negates the need to jump over the central podium as it can sometimes be quite an annoying obstacle. Jumping also lowers your hunger at a faster rate.

Although their eyes glow in the dark, lighting up the room first is advised.

Another good tactic is to jump repeatedly while on the central platform and force the Slider to rise, so that when you get back onto the ground he comes back down, but is touching the floor. Utilizing this strategy, you can get him stuck against the platform in the middle, leaving him vulnerable to attack.


It was possible (v1.01) to get the Slider boss stuck behind the podium in the center of its room by exploiting the logic the Slider uses to choose which direction it will slide.

The Slider normally moves around in a 2D fashion, chasing after the player without changing its vertical position. If, however, the slider detects that that the player is too low or too high to hit, it will levitate or fall to match the player's height.

If a weapon with full durability is used to engage the battle or at any time in the battle, it may break instantly.

In aether 2 v1.7.10-0 The Slider does not speed up when his eye turns red.

The Slider can be coaxed onto the floor by first getting it to a higher position either by jumping on the podium just before the Slider chooses which direction to move or by climbing up a block construction. Once the Slider is too high to hit the player it will fall down to match the height of the player. If the player is standing on the floor, the Slider will drop to floor level and then get stuck behind its podium as it tries to get the player.

When defeated, he will drop the Bronze Key, or may drop items normally found in the Locked Chests. The Locked Chest is hidden within the podium. However, it sometimes is not there.

One example of this happening occurs when multiple bronze dungeons spawn within, or through one another, causing the podium the slider is standing on to not exist in one dungeon because the second dungeon's spawn erased the first dungeon's blocks. This can result in a dungeon with a slider standing on top of an incomplete podium, and after he is defeated, the chest does not appear because the second dungeon's spawn destroyed the chest during its creation in the game.

Sometimes the boss chamber will be destructible, despite the presence of the Slider. In such a circumstance, you and the Slider can destroy the arena, and you could potentially lead the slider outside the dungeon into sunlight. If the podium is destroyed before the Slider is defeated, the hatches will appear unsupported, and all four will break the moment you open one.

Aether II: Genesis of the Void

In Aether II, The Slider is much stronger and much more resilient to attacks. Its AI also received an overhaul, making it much smarter, and it became far faster. For instance, occasionally after hitting you once, it will come at you again in another attack giving you very little time to dodge. The Slider can no longer be hurt by shovels and axes, and only pickaxes will work. Instead of spawning in a Bronze Dungeon, It now spawns in a maze called the Slider's Labyrinth, guarded by 3 types of powerful mini-boss opponents and many tough enemies. It will also spawn various types of Sentries, and will form a great challenge to a single player. Some features of The Slider, however, remain, such as the "rage mode" and its immunity to weapons. It may also drop items that once spawned in a Chest instead of a Key. In recent versions it has gained the ability to break every block in its labyrinth, excluding the ones high up, that can't be broken by any means, not even by a player in Creative mode. It is worth noting that it also can't break the Slider's Labyrinth Totem.

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