• The wiki is currently planned to make a possible move to Gamepedia. A couple of users have discussed this on the Discord server and the developers are aware of the suggestion.

    Until then, I will try to keep up with indev updates.

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    • Ok. But will you have to redo all the pages?

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    • No, both Wikia and Gamepedia use MediaWiki as their page markup format, so all of the pages are hopefully transferable, provided we copy/paste the templates to the same Gamepedia namespaces.

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    • Oh! That's very nice!

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    • Hi LaDestitute and all. I'm Sannse, part of Fandom's Community Support Team. I heard of this thread and wanted to call in.

      Firstly, I wanted to ask why you are considering Gamepedia? Is there something that you aren't happy with on Fandom? Can I help in any way?

      I also wanted to be sure that you understand what it means to move (or "fork") from Wikia. We respect your right to edit wherever you choose of course, and as mentioned here it's possible to copy the content elsewhere. You just need to abide by the wiki's license conditions.

      But you need to know that we won't close this wiki behind you. There will be two wikis on the same topic with, initially, the same content. That's why we call it a fork rather than a move - the content goes in two directions like a fork in the road.

      We also ask that if you do fork, you do so respectfully. That means leaving this wiki alone in the future, not making any changes that damage the wiki, and not using Fandom to advertise your alternative.

      But all that only applies if you decide to go ahead with the fork. I hope you will consider staying with us.

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    • Sannse, why would Wikia purposely force people to keep outdated information here forever. All you guys are doing is promoting confusion between people looking for updated information about their topic. This is a very terrible move on Wikias part, and shows they are just money hungry wanting every last drop of ad revenue they get from their malware ridden, auto-playing video ads.

      There is no doubt, that allowing us to redirect to an updated source of information, and haulting all search engine optimization would be a more ethical move. But yet, you still get outdated, abandoned wikis to the top results on search engines, confusing everyone, and in the end tarnishing Wikias reputation by showing them as a bad reference.

      Wikia will be going against its very own principles by letting this wiki sit abandoned and not deleted after our move. After all Wikia describes itself as "the most authentic and authoritative destination for fans on the internet." It will be neither authentic nor athoritive by letting it sit and collect dust. You should allow people to choose where they want to put their information in whole, even if it is with a different company.

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    • We've seen too many wikis revive after a fork to say that decline is inevitable. A fork does not have to be the end of a wiki's useful life, and often isn't. Once a community moves on, it's our job to provide support and a home to anyone choosing to stay and to any future community that might develop. I'm not saying that revival is inevitable but if you are determined to go, we want to give the wiki every chance to return to a thriving and growing community in the future.

      I also want to emphasize that we absolutely do respect the right to edit where you choose. We could have chosen a closed license when the site was started, but the founders chose otherwise - and with their eyes wide open to the full consequences of that choice. An open license is more important than trying to prevent forks.

      But I'd still like to persuade you to stay of course. You haven't said why you are moving yet. What are you unhappy with on Wikia? Is there something I can help with?

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    • A FANDOM user
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