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Zanite Armor

Zanite Armor set including Rings and Pendant

Zanite Armor is the second strongest craftable armor in the Aether mod. However, it has properties that may make it the most useful. The armour gets stronger the more it is damaged, and the pendant and rings speed up your mining to three times normal speed with all of them worn at the same time. Note that, like all the other gloves, Zanite Gloves cannot lose durability.

  • Zanite Helmet gives  1 Chest  protection.
  • Zanite Chestplate gives  1 Chest 1 Chest 1 Chest  protection.
  • Zanite Leggings give  1 Chest 1 Chest Half Chest  protection.
  • Zanite Boots give  1 Chest protection.
  • Zanite gloves give  1 Chest protection.

This is the same amount of protection provided by Iron Armor, although Zanite's special ability makes this set of armor better then Iron Armor.



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